of the kitchens.  Since our number one focus has always been and will always be quality we found it difficult to trust a door manufacturer for consistent good quality cabinet doors.

     We decided that there was a need for a top of the line cabinet door that people can trust. We already had the expertise and craftsmanship in place to continue producing our cabinet door on a larger scale and we stopped producing kitchens and  tooled our facility up to become your cabinet door supplier.

     So now when you order a cabinet door from us you know you are getting a door not just from a door manufacturer but from a shop with the skilled understanding of what it takes to produce a high end cabinet door to last generations.


      Yours Truly,

                           Jason Haynes (Owner/President)


     "Woodcrafters Custom Woodworking" started out as a high end furniture manufacturer that produced solid wood furniture with the highest quality construction including hand cut dovetails and doweled mortise and tenon joinery. The focus right from the beginning was always about the quality and making a product that would last for generations.
     We slowly moved into the construction of large wall units and high end custom kitchens while always staying strong with the focus of quality and longevity. We took the furniture knowledge and applied it into the kitchens we created which allowed us to have the creativity and craftsmanship to provide a high end kitchen.  We created everything in house for our kitchens and as we grew larger we starting looking at options to possibly outsource some of the production for components


How We Came to Be?

     Our main focus' with producing a cabinet door are quality and lead times . We understand the importance of having a door that you can trust day in and day out. That's why we stand behind our doors 100% and if you're not 100% satisfied with your order then we will do what's needed to make them right!

     Second to high quality is our goal to have your order to you as fast as possible. We typically run 5-7 day (10 day max) lead time on standard orders and we offer a RUSH service that can guarantee your order 5 days or less on standard orders. Just let us know what you are realistically needing and we will gladly do what we can to help.

What We Offer

Our large central Ontario facility allows us to service all of Ontario with ease.  If you want our doors we will figure out the best delivery to your location. Whether it be our direct truck, an LTL service or just straight courier we've got you covered.

(right) -- Our production manager Dave is very hands on insuring that nothing leaves the shop without his final approval.

About Our Company

Setting the new standards for cabinet doors.